Small McMUG Logo Recent Photos from McMug Meetings

This page contains some pictures from the past McMug Meetings. I hope everyone enjoy the pictures we post here. Please email me any photos you may have from club meetings that everyone would like to see.


The McMug club recently faced problems with some out of date projection equipment, which caused poor quality demonstrations at our group meetings. The problem was solved recently with the purchase of a new projector. The price tag was a bit large but it was well worth it as you can see in this photo the projector shows a very nice large picture for everyone to see. No more sitting close to the screen. The photo above is from the March 14th, 2002 meeting.


The photo above is from the February 14th, 2002 meeting. This is a group photo that was taken of all members present (excluding Scott Armstrong, who took the photo). It was taken so that it could be sent to a company in exchange for copies of their software for everyone in the photo. The photo is also a special one because it was our son Dominick's first McMug meeting. He's the smallest one in the back row.

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