Mid-Columbia Macintosh Users Group (MCMUG)
Mailing List


The MCMUG-LIST (Mid-Columbia Macintosh Users Group mailing list) was setup to facilitate easier communication between and with members of MCMUG. This is a subscriber only list available ONLY to members of MCMUG. To find out more about us please visit our homepage at http://www.macusergroup.com/.

Subscribing to the List:

If you are a MCMUG member and wish to be added/subscribed to MCMUG-LIST contact a MCMUG officer or the List Moderator at tech@macusergroup.com and they will see that you get added.

Posting to the List:

To send messages to MCMUG-LIST you send them to mcmug@macusergroup.com. A few things to know about posting messages to MCMUG-LIST are:

Make Changes to your Subscription:

To perform maintenance on your MCMUG-LIST subscription like change from receiving individual messages to receiving the digest, searching the digests, or switching to vacation mode go to the McMUG homepage and login to the Members Only section. There you will find a page to allow you to do all functions for your subscription including subscribe.